Saturday, July 4, 2009

Demo 0.5 Released

Demo o.5 has been released! I will put this demo on
For the first time SSBRumble has a changelog.
Heres the demo 0.5 changelog

-When fighting press L+R+A+Select for no contest
-Added a cpu all it will do it follow you(has no runing animations)
-Fixed the Title Screen Bug
-Made the title screen faster
-Made the fade in and out while using the game menu faster
-Added more to the Character Select Screen
-Added Character Jumping Sound
-Added Nintendo DS Stage Music(no NDS stage yet)
-When all characters and computers are chosen you will here a sound
-Modified GameIcon


  1. umm i dont know if u realised but you cannot play the game unless you choose "multi" and not "solo" also when you do play it only appears at a black screen, no surfaces or color, and the CPU is not....working.... i hope that helped you guys improve.

    also i wanted to ask, and would like a response,
    will you guys release further demos? and if so how long will it take to develope the next one? thANKS

  2. Right know I don't want to have a release date because I will be in a hurry to develop it. But the next demo there should be stages in it.



  4. WTF there is only one level and that is yoshis island, and for some reason i downloaded demo 0.5 and it has a different title screen to the one on the blod the one i downloaded has just mario while the one on the blog has more characters on the title screen?! why the change and why is there only yoshis island in the version i downloaded? and why is there only 3 characters in the blog one? which one is official and which one should i use? cos the non blog one has more characters? pls reply

  5. The ones from this blog are official. The reason why these don't have as much because im in a code remake. But you can play the older ones while your waiting for these new ones.


  6. fail on a itouch2