Monday, July 27, 2009

Game Cart

I was a little bored and wanted to see what I could do with Photoshop, while doing something for SSBR. The result is this-

I made a cover for a game cart (My R4) and I think it turned out pretty well. If you want the image to do the same thing download it Here (Some resizing required).

-Oblivian Studios :-)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hi It's Oblivian Studios!
WolfSpider had just sent me his code to look at and I've added actual rooms for
all it says is "(Insert room name) is not ready. Please press B to go back". Although we will be converting to C++ because its easier to code in C++ and a lot neater. So I will redo it but you'll see it in the next demo.

-Oblivian Studios

New Coders Possible

Me and OblivianStudio will be coding. Welcome back OblivianStudio! And theres 2 other people that might code Stratton(Strata) and someone PineApple. If Stratton codes were going to use C++ and try to use the latest Palib that should fix some bugs. Now the game should be 4x faster made and 4x better!